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About PSLP

The Texas A&M Pre-Speech and Language Pathology Society is open to students of all majors. The main purpose of this organization is to educate, network, and assist all prospective students who desire to pursue a career in Speech and Language Pathology or learn more about the field. This includes information about the application process, graduate school programs, and future job opportunities. Meetings are held every other Wednesday at 7:00 PM in the MSC. 

Join the PSLP Facebook Group to network and receive reminders about our meeting times and socials! 


Participation in the points system is required by PSLP. In order to maintain an “active member” status, each member must gain a total of 12 points. At the end of the semester, members with 12 points will receive a T-shirt for attaining member status.

Points are awarded as follows:

Attending a meeting- 1 point 

Observing a Speech-Language Pathologist- 1 point/hour

Attending a social - 1 point

* at least 3 points must come from attending meetings

Note: A PSLP official observation form must be filled out by an ASHA certified SLP in order for points to be awarded for observing. It is recommended that you also save a copy of your completed observation forms for your records. 

Please don’t hesitate to ask our secretary, Bethany, if you have any questions regarding the point system or your individual points.



$20.00 per semester

This semester dues will go towards purchasing a gift of appreciation for the speakers who agree to speak at our meetings, PSLP tshirts, campus events such as MSC Open House, and purchasing the materials needed for our meetings and advertising. 

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